It was designed specifically to hold sauce well and be easy to pick up with a fork while also offering a satisfying bite.

ByKelly Vaughan
box of new cascatelli pasta shape
Credit: Courtesy of SFOGLINI

Pasta据说已经发明了2000年的时间,但是一颗全新的面食形状sfoglini.是通过一个非常现代的媒介创造的:播客。Dan Pashman,詹姆斯胡须屡获殊荣的播客主持人The Sporkful,旨在创造完美的面食形状通过他的系列“使命:不可行”。在三年的过程中,帕什曼思想了构成理想面食形状的品质,并开发三个标准:酱油能力(有多好酱抱怨意大利面食), fork-ability (how easy it is to stab with a fork), and tooth-sinkability (how satisfying it feels to sink your teeth into it).

The result is cascatelli, a short, curly shaped pasta with ruffled edges that are similar toMafaldine.. The name translates to "waterfalls" in Italian and it aptly describes the visual appearance of this pasta. This extra-special shape even got its own high-quality bronze die, which was designed exclusively for shaping and cutting the groundbreaking product.

The new shape has caught the attention of cooks, pasta lovers, and celebrities everywhere.根据Pashman的Instagram帐户, the first 3,700 boxes of cascatelli sold out in less than two hours and a second batch totaling 8,000 boxes sold out in 12 hours. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker got her hands on a box of cascatelli and called it "indescribably delicious." She wrote to Pashman on Instagram and said that his new shape is "perfectly sized, almost bouncy (in all the right ways) wonderfully textured, it's like a slice of, dare I say steak? We are all looking forward to it withBolognese,pesto,amatriciana,蛤蜊,简单的柠檬和罗勒,(橄榄油)这是一道赠送的礼物!“

Pashman recommends serving cascatelli with a heavier, creamy sauce. "I would say anything thick, first of all, is going to get up in the grooves. It's going to get into the sauce trough, which is what I call the area between the two ruffles—that canyon. Anything with little bits, like meat sauce, will get stuck in the ruffles really nicely," he toldEsquire..

Cascatelli现在可预购from Sfoglini's website or their亚马逊商店4.50美元或四包(并信任我们,您将要储存)4.50美元或17.99美元。根据Sfoglini的说法,由于压倒性需求,现在为Cascatelli提供的订单将在大约12周内发货。


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