It's time to learn a little bit more about your beloved four-legged friend.

ByKelly Vaughan

Dogs are members of our family, butthere's plenty that we just don't know about them。但由于一项新的研究,我们终于更多地学习了一点关于住在我们家中的四条腿朋友。你有没有想过你的狗是否左撇子?根据今天心理学, a new study published in the journal应用动物行为科学was aimed at determining how many dogs are left-handed and how many dogs are right-handed.

dog giving paw to woman with coffee cup
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在研究中,研究人员分析了来自a的数据food-retrieval task涉及近18,000只狗。要求狗主人获得足够宽的狗的爪子的塑料或纸板管。然后被问到所有者撒尿near the end of the tube to retrieve the treat. The procedure was done three times before owners were asked to characterize their dogs' behavior based on whether they used their left or right forepaw. The owners were also asked to classify their dogs based on their age group—puppy,年轻成人,成人或老人和性别。

根据业主的说法,约74%的测试犬的爪子偏好明显,而剩余的26%在食品检索任务期间使用两只爪子。表现出明确偏好的狗,58.3%是右撇子。左撇子,41.7%表现出爪子偏好的狗。比较,only 10.6 percent of humans are left-handed据证明,狗更有可能是左撇子than humans.

The sex of the dogs also affected their handness. Of the female dogs used in the study, 60.7 percent were right-handed and 39.3 percent were left-handed.Among the male dogs,左撇子更常见-56.1%右撇子,左撇子43.9%。这些发现与人类相似,因为男性比女性更容易左撇子。

Researchers also found that雄性狗的年龄,特别是受影响的爪子。比年轻的雄性狗更常见的右手更常见。


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