Peek outside before dawn on May 5 to catch this sight.

April 06, 2021

There's nothing quite likeseeing bright shooting stars照亮夜空。如果你一直在想,下一个流星淋浴将在天空中发送光线爆发的爆发,我们有一些好消息:你不必等待很长时间。根据Mental Floss, shooting stars from the Eta Aquariid meteor shower will appear this spring on May 5, but you'll also be able to spot shooting stars both a few days before and after.

Eta Aquarids Meteor阵雨的长曝光图像
信用:Roberto Michel / Getty Images

当地球通过哈利彗星的碎片来看待特定的流星淋浴。这创造了两个流星淋浴,第一个是羚羊流星淋浴, whcih occurs in October, and the Eta Aquariid shower, which happens in May. When it comes to the latter, the fast-moving shooting stars not to be missed. They rush through1888BET 每小时约148,000英里,人们经常在南半球最好地看到它们。如果在北半球观看,您可以点设置大约10到20个流星。

Eta Aquariid meteors also stem from a specific place:星座Aquarius. Researchers note that just about one hour before dawn, the meteors will radiate over the east-southern horizon. As for how this sight got its name in the first place? It's actually not because of the constellation itself, but a star within it. "Eta Aquarii" is a star that forms a water carrier's jar.

If you want to catch this meteor shower at its peak, set your alarm clock before dawn on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. But if you decide to sleep in that day, not to worry. You can see Eta Aquariids lighting up the sky at that time the day before or the day after. However, the最好的days to look will be on May 5 and 6 since thewaning crescent moonwill be dimmer, giving you a better view of the shooting stars.


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