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April 06, 2021

它是DIY技巧值得大卫布莱恩本人:新硬件都是浮动 - 呃,提升-Apiece of furniture. Consider the IKEA Besta Cabinet ($ 109,上图:装满了细长的哑光黑色肉腿($30, at the ends and Ilse Legs (25美元,在中心,Marlen旋钮($10 each,以及造纹的门(480美元, all from Norse Interiors—ta da!—it looks like a million bucks. To update more items, head to活的home editor Lorna Aragon's other go-to websites, and pull some magical accents out of a hat.

To customize orrefresh any desk, dresser, side-board, or sofa,拧紧新夹具。以下是找到腿,旋钮等的四个地方。


建立Prettypegs.was inspired by a trip to IKEA. Founders and real-life couple Jana Cagin Mikael Söderblom were browsing the aisles, discouraged by the lack of style in a fixture's details such as a sofa or a table with plain legs. Today, they specialize in家具腿,旋钮和手柄可以在次级升级中交换和个性化。店铺我们的编辑:Elsie调整铝制家具腿(21美元,。

设计师Matthew Burak的故事类似地关注细节 - 在酒店大堂桌下的古董腿。他的兴趣木工eventually inspired his family's home restoration project: an 18th century farmhouse in the town of Danville, Vermont. His team specializes in the建筑和家具风格殖民地美国。店铺我们的编辑:大约圆形家具脚,4“,在枫树带缎面黄铜尖($18,。

二十年的商业, a selection of decorative fixtures, including kitchen and bath cabinet hardware, plus lighting,开关板, 和瓷砖. Their showroom is located on Long Island Sound in New York but they ship nationwide. Shop our editor's pick: the Manzoni Hardware Designer Wood Groovy Designer Wood Pull ($19,。

Build with Ferguson

供应商Build with Fergusonoffers fixtures in practically every category of家庭改进—from lighting and plumbing, to hardware and major appliances—with an eye for modern quality. Shop our editor's pick: the Lews Hardware Round Bar-Cabinet Knob ($6.25,。


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