spring perfumes


ByClaire Sullivan

最新的作物天然香水is more subtly layered, longer-lasting, and kinder to the planet than ever before. Learn about the latest eco-developments, and then pluck a scent that's your kind of divine. First and foremost, know that the sourcing process has become much smarter. This means harvesting可持续的成分,注意到稀缺或丰富的特定成分,并考虑工人权利。“我们希望尊重自然,社区工人来自于,”Givaudan Profumer说阿德里安娜麦地那. Synthetic elements can play a part, too: Some are much less depleting than natural alternatives.

They're also made from better bases. Alcohol suspends香水油for an even spritz with every pump. But not all kinds are created equal. Some contain a sugarcane base; the plant is more efficient to grow than corn, another common ingredient (the former can yield more per acre). You can also now find highly concentrated formats, like油和甘蓝,据麦地那称。他们越来越快,但是闻起来就像令人惊叹.

“玻璃是香水最常见的血管,因为它没有与内部的成分反应,”说米娅戴维斯,环境和社会责任主任Credo Beauty. But the pump isn't recyclable (at least not yet), so be sure to remove it before recycling the bottle. As for outer packaging, compostable materials, soy-based inks, and reusable boxes are on the rise. "And things definitely don't need to be wrapped in plastic," Davis adds. Ahead, discover some of our favorite natural fragrances to scoop up—and spritz on—right now.

Top Picks for Natural Perfumes

bottle of Phlur Olmstead & Vaux Eau de Parfum
Credit: Courtesy of Credo Beauty


White ginger and shiso leaf energize this perfume from Phlur. It's named after the landscape architects of New York City's Central Park—and $5 of each purchase goes to the land's conservancy.

现在去购物:Phlur Olmstead&Vaux Eau de Parfum,96美元,credobeauty.com.

亨利玫瑰雾eau de parfum瓶


Henry Rose's fragrance "Fog," a blend of warm sandalwood and faintly sweet magnolia, is森林沐浴in a bottle. You can also compost the cap.

现在去购物:Henry Rose Fog Eau de Parfum, $120,henryrose.com..

7美德橙色花朵eau de parfumx
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora


宁静的橘子,普通话和茉莉在7美德橙色花朵eau de parfum的融合唤醒你的感官每一个虹轴。

现在去购物:7美德橙色花朵eau de parfum,79美元,sephora.com..

Heretic Dirty Gardenia Eau de Parfum
Credit: Courtesy of Heretic Parfum


Heretic's upcoming release, Dirty Gardenia, captures the essence of its namesake blossom, and comes in a chic and sturdy black box.

现在去购物:Heretic Dirty Gardenia Eau de Parfum, $165,heretetparfum.com..

Maison Sybarite's Bed of Roses
信贷:由Maison Sybarite提供

Heady Floral

在花园里,Maison Sybarite的玫瑰床绽放着令人痛苦的佛手柑和广藿香,并有水(not alcohol) 根据。

现在去购物:Maison Sybarite的玫瑰花床,185美元,US.Maison-SyBarite.com..