Plus, how your bracket and state of residence may affect you.


Your退休是一个重要的个人和金融里程碑。您开始拯救的前面,您可以退休后可以使用的额度越多。你可以在不同类型的账户中省钱,但大多数人选择在401(k)秒,IRA或养老金中获得退休储蓄。“通常,退休的传统401(k)分配征税为普通收入,”分析师吉尔冈萨雷斯解释说WalletHub。So, how are taxes determined and can you lower your future tax bill for retirement?

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The amount of您支付的所得税will depend on several factors, including when you retire and when you withdraw the funds. "Early withdrawals come with an automatic withholding of 20 percent in taxes, as well as a 10 percent penalty from the IRS when you file your tax return. Roth 401(k) distributions are not taxed, because the contributions were made after taxes," she says. Ahead, we delve into the details.

The Best Methods

First,determine your expected tax bracket退休。美国国税局指定了每个税收托架的收入水平,这意味着一个级别内的金额以特定的金额征税,然后在其他括号中征税;这不是税率。您的税务括号将取决于您退休时将分发给您的年度金额。更高的税务括号是指这些分布的更高的边际税率。那么,你如何降低未来的税费(或至少为它准备)?“有几种方法可以节省退休税。例如,如果您对罗斯401(k)贡献,您的退休人员的所有分布都是免税,因为您在税款之后贡献,”Gonzalez说。“另一种方式保存税is by withholding withdrawals as long as you can if you are still working, and definitely not making any early withdrawals."

Another way to save on taxes in retirement is to take a lower distribution of your retirement funds in the future. This could place you in a lower marginal tax bracket, which means a lower income tax bill. Of course, some accounts may haverequired minimum distributions(RMDS)因此您需要考虑到这一点。这些RMD金额每年更新,并确保退休基金正在退休时使用,而不仅仅是避免税收的手段。

State by State Retirements

最后,如果您想为您的退休分配征收所得税,请前往佛罗里达州。“退休人员可以考虑搬到没有所得税的国家,例如佛罗里达州,内华达州,南达科他或德克萨斯州等所说的国家解释道。晴朗的天气不是那么多的唯一原因people choose to retire in these states。税收福利就像退休分配没有所得税是许多人的巨大借鉴。如果您能负担得起这些状态,那么这是保存退休的一个选择。


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