Plus, which one is best for your financial situation, according to experts.


A common saying popular among tax experts is, "Don't delay, file your taxes today," which emphasizes the importance of not waiting until the last minute topay your taxes. Instead, get ahead, file now, and you'll be that much closer to收到退款. 然而,有各种各样的方法可以用来支付你的税款,哪一种是最好的方法?

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科琳·麦克里里说Credit Karma,有很多种支付方式,包括直接用你的银行账户信用卡或借记卡,或现金。然而,没有一个一刀切的方法,它是最适合你的。麦克里说,纳税人应该考虑每种支付方式的利弊以及任何潜在的费用。


The most traditional option, you can file an individual income tax return manually by completing theForm 1040,according to instructions provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This form shows收入,扣除额,和信贷,以及任何税收欠国税局。把表格连同你所欠的任何款项一起寄到国税局,并在今年的截止日期2021年5月17日前寄上。


If you have a simple return, you can file using a tax software program or online service likeTurboTaxorH&R块. 这些服务将引导您了解一系列关于您的收入和潜在扣除额的问题,根据您的回答填写1040表格,并以电子方式为您存档。


Lastly, you can rely on the expertise of anaccountant or tax professionalwho will work with you to maximize your refund and fill out a return on your behalf. This is the best method for a complex return or if you have multiple sources of income; for the previous two, you may miss details such as a credit or deduction that you are eligible for.

当它的时间支付退款,一个免费的建议纳税方式是国税局直接支付. "IRS Direct Pay is one option for a secure, free, quick, and easy way to pay your taxes," says McCreary. "IRS Direct Pay lets youpay your tax billsor make estimated tax payments directly from your checking or savings accounts without any fees." This popular method can be done free online (or by phone with theIRS2GO app). 这是一个流行的支付方式的另一个原因是,付款人可以安排他们的付款当天知道它的处理迅速和安全。