Experts share the best materials to use to define your landscape.


Garden bedshouse your favorite blooms or produce and are staples in many backyards. They look even better—and stay healthier, too—if they've been effectively lined. "Lining a garden bed helps keep nutrient rich soil within the confines of既定的床," says Venelin Dimitrov, a senior product manager at伯爵。“更重要的是,[这样做]让不邀请的杂草穿过床底的成长,最大限度地减少维护,并保持植物更健康和更​​快乐。”作为一个额外的好处,这个过程只是“在室外空间中创造了干净的外观和美丽的线条”Megh Wingenfeld., a home and garden creative, adds.

Here, get our expert-approved tips so you can line your own garden bed with ease.

backyard raised garden beds
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"My favorite way to line a garden bed is with untreated cedar wood, such as the Buckingham Wood Raised Garden Bed(158美元,," Wingenfeld shares. "It's not full of chemicals, it's a natural insect repellent, and it's rot resistant." She explains that you can cut the wood to whatever size you want, but she keeps hers around five-and-a-half inches tall. There are two keys here when placing the wood frame on top of your grass. First, make sure the spot is level and second, place it in an area that has great access to sun. Afterwards, fill it will an equalmix of soil and compost。她用的方式衬床,也将save you money从长远来看,由于你可以随着时间的推移使用的土壤较少;Wingenfeld表明Tilth“Grow”升降床混合(7.50美元,开始。

Stones and Brick

如果木头不是您的审美偏好,您也可以使用石头或砖块,并将它们直接放在草地上以形成床。但是,谨慎,Dimitrov说。“过度多孔的石头或砖将吸水,导致你更频繁地水keep plants alive and thriving," he notes. Otherwise, simply follow the same steps as you would if you created a wood raised bed and fill the inside area with a one-to-one ratio of soil andcompost。你甚至可以将草夹扔进混合。

Alternative Options

如果您想要更多种类,请使用recycled plastic或镀锌钢到该地区,Dimitrov提供 - 或考虑更具装饰性路线。Deborah Miuccio,产品研究和测试协调员园丁的供应公司, explains that you can use materials like low fencing or even biodegradable natural coconut fiber mulch or recycled rubber to define the area. She notes that these options bring a touch of flair to your landscape and create visual separation between your garden and the rest of your yard.

Garden Bed Care

"Over time, the grass will break down underneath theorganic material你放在它的顶部,所以没有必要首先删除它或直到地面,“Wingenfeld解释道。”但如果你害怕杂草通过并想要保护,躺下纸板或杂草屏障基层。“为了确保您拥有最佳的根成长,您的床应大约为六英寸深,最多四英尺宽,所以你不必进入你的景观倾向于它。


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