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April 08, 2021

Mintcan be used in food and medicine, or as害虫驱蚊剂, a digestion aid, and breath refresher; simply put, it's an extremely versatile herb. While there are 600 varieties of mint, spearmint and peppermint are the types most commonly planted, but that doesn't mean you should discount other types—test out a few different varieties of mint to find the one you'd most like to grow. And once you do know which type of mint you'd like in你的花园,你会发现草本植物的适应性和韧性使得即使是新手园林甚至也很容易成长和培养。农民埃里克汤米西岛Ave 33农场花了12年生长了许多品种的蔬菜,并说薄荷是“易于进展”。事实上,它很容易成长,它经常接管它种植的任何地方,这就是为什么大多数人建议在一个中生长草药container.

caring for indoor potted mint plant
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How to Grow Mint Outdoors

When you plantperennial薄荷,草本植物将在秋天死回来,春天后蹦蹦跳跳。如果你是第一次种植薄荷,Tomassini将注意到春天是一年的最佳时间。草本植物将在花园中的部分阴影和土壤中茁壮成长,这不是太丰富的土壤,每年两次向他的薄荷厂添加堆肥。

Keeping your植物浇水is important but it will survive some forgetfulness. When thinking about growing mint, Tomassini warns, "Mint spreads through its roots so grow it in a container because wherever you put it, it's going to take over."


Mint is alow-maintenance option对于室内草本植物 - 只需将土壤,种子和水添加到您最喜欢的锅中,您将在您的路上。确保将工厂保留在部分阴影的区域,因为阳光直射会将其烘干。也一定要留在土壤上,因为你想确保你的薄荷保持潮湿。据此频繁修剪New York Botanical Garden(NYBG),将帮助您的薄荷生长成丛林,更富勒斯植物。如果您想知道要削减多少,则NYBG建议在修剪时将常年草药切割成常年草药到三分之一的大小。


After picking the leaves from your healthy and aromatic plant, store any extra to be used at a later date. Deputy food editor Greg Lofts says to储存鲜切草药in a water-filled glass, with a produce bag wrapped around the top and tied in place, which creates something of a greenhouse effect.


The密苏里植物园当花蕾刚刚开始形成但在它们打开之前,建议收获草药,因为这会影响叶子的风味概况。在这个阶段,精油are at their highest, making them the most flavorful. The time of day to harvest also matters, according to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This should be done in the morning after the dew has gone and before the sun gets too hot, because the heat causes the oils to evaporate from the leaves, altering their smell and flavor.

收获薄荷,Old Farmer's Almanac说将茎切割成在地上的大约一英寸。如果你削减太多,不要担心。根据Tomassini的说法,“由于[薄荷]通过根源蔓延,你可以将其缩小到土壤层面,如果它会越过一点,它会再生。”


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