Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray for Temporary Gray Coverage

These Root-Concealing Products Will Get You from One Salon Visit to the Next

BySophie Moore
April 08, 2021

有时它会感觉到你的根源开始展示你的头发染色后几乎立即。这种令人讨厌的再生是为了染色股线的任何人都是不可避免的,使其非常困​​难 - 且昂贵! - 维持你的去阴影。虽然我们都是为了拥抱银色和暗根,但如果你在寻找延长颜色处理头发的寿命, root-concealing products should definitely be on your radar.

Root-hiding products have come a long way over the past decade and boast innovative formulas that promise a natural and flawless finish. These convenient products come in powders that blend seamlessly with your natural hair, tinted sprays that deliver beautiful and highly-pigmented color, and cream-based sticks that目标可见灰色around the temples and hairline. All are are easy to apply, last all day without caking or flaking off, and wash out easily in the shower. Ahead, our favorite root-touch-up products to save you time, money, and a trip to the salon.

Top Picks

L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Spray
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Best Spray: L'Oreal

"L'Oreal Root Cover Up is my favorite spray," says celebrity stylist and colorist,Tina Outen。“我喜欢这个产品,因为金色的颜色非常灰,自然,棕色是水印 - 不是太红 - 喷雾超细,所以你可以均匀地申请。”这种粉丝最喜欢的产品有九个华丽的颜色,适用于所有发型纹理,毫不费力地隐藏银股

现在去购物:L'Oreal Paris Magic Root覆盖喷雾,10.90美元,walmart.com.


Best Semi-Permanent Formula: Clairol

Clairol knows their stuff when it comes to root touch-up products. After all, they introduced染发剂60年前的沙龙!这种彩色混合产品在几分钟内触及根,易于易于涂抹。只需使用内置刷涂抹器并将公式应用于您的寺庙,根和发际线,以延长最多10次颜色的寿命。

现在去购物: Clairol Root Touch Up Color Blending Gel, $11.99,cvs.com

Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best for Targeted Coverage: Everpro

Keep grays at bay with this stick that uses self-adjusting color technology—similar to a BB cream—to match your hair color. If you're looking to target smaller areas along your hairline, this easy-to-use stick is perfect for precise application and comes with a built-in sponge that makes blending a breeze.

现在去购物:Everpro "Gray Away" Quick Stick, $6.99,ulta.com

Bumble和Bumble BB。颜色棒
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora


虽然粉末和液体迭代有时可能是难以控制的,但基于奶油的棍棒承诺无数据施用,同时提供高度色素的颜色。这种扭曲的铅笔从Bumble和Bumble瞬间盖住灰色,并用天鹅绒般和持久的公式隐藏根源。只需将它踩到王冠上,以获得完美的覆盖范围that always looks natural- 从未画过。

现在去购物:Bumble和Bumble BB。颜色棒, $26,sephora.com


Best Splurge: Oribe

Oribe以其奢华,高效的护发产品而闻名,这种喷雾也不例外。它的粉末配方兼作干燥的洗发水,使用天然微细矿物着色剂和水稻淀粉来掩盖根并吸收污垢和油。这个喷雾也是如此包含一个紫外线吸收剂that helps prevent existing color from fading.

现在去购物:Oribe "Airbrush" Root Touch-Up Spray, $34,dermstore.com

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray for Temporary Gray Coverage
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

Best for Gray Coverage: Rita Hazan

Just one spray of this award-winning product instantly camouflages grays and makes thinning hair appear thicker and fuller. "To apply, hold it six to eight inches from hair and spray in a steady stream—a little goes a long way," advises creatorRita Hazan

现在去购物:Rita Hazan Root遮瑕膏触摸喷雾临时灰色覆盖率,25美元,sephora.com

TEMPTU Air Root Touch-Up and Hair Color Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Temptu

Best Gadget: TEMPTU

TEMPTU空气提供salon-worthy通过空气brushing tool that deposits a fine mist of color onto your roots. Its vitamin-rich formula leaves hair soft—never dry or sticky—and用洗发水洗掉。此外,这种空气压缩小工具是超级简单,使用甚至有效地填补留色头发或稀薄头发的斑块。

现在去购物:Temptu Air Root Touch-Up和Mair Color Kit,195美元,temptu.com.

dpHUE Long-Wear Temporary Color and Blend Root Touch-Up Stick
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

Most Blendable: dpHUE

You can kiss roots goodbye thanks to this touch-up stick with a built-in brush that blends color for a natural-looking finish. The long-wear formula comes in four rich colors and is sweat and transfer-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it showing up on clothing, or, worse, your forehead.


Garnier Express Retouch Gray Hair Concealer
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Best for Busy Schedules: Garnier

This fast-acting product is great for busy schedules as it covers up roots in a matter of seconds and is small enough to stash in your pursefor coverage on the go

现在去购物:Garnier "Express Retouch" Gray Hair Concealer, $8.99,target.com.

John Frieda根模糊颜色混合遮瑕膏

Best for Blonde Hair: John Frieda

Just like a concealer that disguises hyperpigmentation and dark circles on your face, this root blurring product conceals grays and delivers flawless coverage for platinum to champagne blondes. Its powder palette contains two different shades that are designed to be blended to achieve a custom color that matches your tone perfectly.

现在去购物:John Frieda“根模糊”颜色混合遮瑕膏,10.99美元,amazon.com

Color Wow Root Cover Up
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

最佳粉:Color Wow

Color Wow's Root Cover Up is one of Outen's favorite powder touch-up products, because it comes with a brush that makes application easy. "The applicator brush has two ends, one for more precise application and one thicker end for容易覆盖较大的区域。此外,颜色非常自然,并在没有进入皮肤的情况下保持良好的头发,“她说。

现在去购物:Color Wow Root Cover Up, $24.50,ulta.com