Experts advise following a "rule of three's" when determining if it's behavioral or an underlying medical condition.


We know that部分控制这是喂养宠物的关键,但我们也知道如何用它们来宠坏它们自制美食. But what happens when your pet won't eat? There's nothing worse than getting the sense that your four-legged friend isn't feeling well, and refusing to eat is a clear sign that something is off. Understanding whether it's a medical aliment or a change in their lifestyle that's causing their lack of appetite is the first step to remedying the situation. To that end, we spoke to animal experts to figure out why pets sometimes refuse to eat.

Credit: Jena Ardell / Getty Images

Jessica Jane MacMurchy, adoption coordinator atAnimal Charity of Ohio, relays that you shouldn't panic just because your pet hasn't eaten—this change can sometimes be attributed to a behavioral cause. If there have been any major changes in your pet's life (moving, new family members,交换食物,去度假,等等)增加了你的宠物食欲不振的可能性。

MacMurchy shares, "Anxiety and stress in your pet can cause many different symptoms. The lack of eating can absolutely be a sign of stress, [especially] when adopting a new animal or if you are experiencing any significant life changes."

To assist in getting your pet back on track during a time of transition, MacMurchy suggests remaining calm and prepping your pet some plain cooked chicken or steamed white rice to entice them to eat. Maintaining a calm environment is just as essential. While you are monitoring your pet's appetite, MacMurchy recommends following the rule of three: That means that if your pet hasn't regained his/her appetite post the third day of change, it's time to call the veterinarian.

宠物, like humans, fall ill, but it's up to us to determine when their illness is serious enough to consult with our vets. Ryeon Kim, pet expert and founder ofLittle Beast他说,食欲不振可归因于潜在的健康状况如果你发现你的狗有不规则的大便或正在吃草,建议你马上去看兽医。

As a proud pet parent, you already know what's normal and not normal behavior for your best pal, so monitor their behavior and always consult with your vet with any medical concerns.