Our experts share the to-dos that will can make your home so much more eco-friendly.

ByRima Suqi
March 24, 2021
sustainable living home with solar panels on roof
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Want to make your home a bit more eco-friendly? Here's the good news: This is not a huge to-do list or a mandate to replace everything you own. Instead, we're sharing simple tips that will bring your household a few steps closer to living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle in every room of your home fromthe bathroomtothe kitchen起居室, 也。

Reach for the Energy Stars

That is, LED bulbs with that label. They use 70 to 90 percentless electricity than incandescent,最后10到25倍更长。寻找2,700至3,000个厄尔韦斯来铸造温暖,环境光。我们喜欢Cree灯泡(两个,两个,homedepot.com). To stretch their lives (and lower your bill even more), set them on a dimmer.


在他们肆虐之前行事。Ask a plumberto install a system like Grohe's Sense Guard ($681,grohe.us.) in your main water line; it monitors the pressure and will shut off the supply and alert you via an app if it senses a change.

Do an Energy Audit

聘请专家来了解您的家庭垃圾。她将从阁楼检查到地下室,对空气泄漏(其他检查)进行鼓风机门测试,以及审查您的能源账单。The average cost in the U.S. is $300 to $800; find a pro athersindex.com

Get Serious About Solar

这是一项投资,而是一个聪明的投资,因为“小组成员”获得了30%的退税和较低的账单。特斯拉的新人Solar Roof瓷砖甚至看起来像常规的瓦片。第一的,see if your roof's a fit。气候及其形状,角度和年龄因子;面向朝南的倾斜度最佳。有关建议,请致电North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners–approved contractor, says solar expert Johnny Weiss.


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