Frost your way to perfection with a spatula, rotating cake stand, and more.

ByKelly Vaughan
Credit: Yuki Sugiura

烘焙A.潮湿和美味的蛋糕- 当它是funfetti,red velvet, orcarrot cake——你一半创建一个斯特克特甜点。虽然未被搞定“裸体”蛋糕have been trending in the last several years, a smooth layer of frosting with intricately piped details will always be appealing. To create a perfectly frosted cake that would make Martha proud, you'll need a few basic tools. Stock up on these basics and start decorating.

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Offset Spatula

这个工具会帮助你平稳freshly whipped buttercreamover a layer cake. It's just as handy for spreading a filling between two layers of cake as it is for perfecting the final layer on the top and sides of a cake. The angled spatula means it's more comfortable to grip and flexible enough to reach any area.

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Wondering how to transfer a cake from the cooling rack to a beautiful stand for presentation? This tool is the secret. It's a giant paddle that will accommodateround- and square-shaped cakes低于10英寸,这意味着你永远不必再担心裂缝或破裂。

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你可能会想,“不是我用来制作面包的东西披萨面团?" And you'd be right. But this versatile tool is also great for smoothing both the crumb coat and final layer of frosting on the top and edge of the cake, thanks to its sharp, offset blade. It creates the illusion of a smooth-as-fondant finish.

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The best knife for cutting a cake in half or thirds horizontally is one with a serrated blade. It will help maintain a smooth, precise cut that's perfect for when you want to add a flavorful layer of fruit jam or fluffy buttercream to a生日蛋糕


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虽然贵族,这块蛋糕架是一种双重责任,作为旋转转盘 - 这使得霜冻的工作变得更加容易 - 和现代演示基座。

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一个luminum Rotating Cake Stand


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Pastry Bag Decorating Kit

如果你想添加详细信息such as scallops, rose petals, or a basketweave to the top and sides of your cake, then you'll need some pastry tools. This kit contains six different shaped tips and two reusable nylon bags, which are more eco-friendly than disposable plastic pastry bags because they can be used over and over again.

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