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ByRebecca Norris
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You've likely heard so much about the benefits ofa fish oil supplement,你有可能忘记了为什么exactly it comes so highly recommended. The main reason? It's rich in omega-3s—naturally found in fatty fish, seeds, and nuts—which can ultimately提升你的心脏健康。为了帮助我们深入了解这些营养素和心血管系统之间的联系,我们要求佛罗里达州的心脏病专家莱昂纳德博士佩卡科for his insight, ahead.

What are omega-3s?

"Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that our body cannot produce on its own, but must get from our diets," Dr. Pianko says, noting that there are three main types: ALA, EPA, and DHA. And since an omega-3-enriched diet isn't preferred (or tolerated) by everyone,supplements(including fish oil) exist to fill the gap and provide these essential nutrients in an easily-digestible capsule.


根据这一点克利夫兰诊所, omega-3s reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood clots, lowertriglyceride levels(which are the leading cause of body fat), blood pressure, and inflammation, and raise HDL levels (the good kind of cholesterol) - 甚至可以帮助防止心脏病发作和中风。换句话说,它们对患有心脏病或其他健康状况(包括高胆固醇和肥胖)的人有益,可以在心血管系统上施加菌株,也可以防止使用。

What's the link between omega-3s and heart health?

Dr. Pianko affirms that a diet rich in omega-3s is critical for the prevention of heart disease—and can even slow down its progression. And since most do not realize that they are at risk for developing such ailments, he continues, seeking out these nutrients is a must-do for everyone (especially if your diet is high in triglycerides and cholesterol, which puts you at risk for atherosclerosis, or the the build-up of cholesterol and fats within artery walls). Ultimately, if you know your diet could be better, you have a family history of heart disease, or you're looking for new ways to promote your health, omega-3s are a worthy consideration.


富含欧米茄3的食物包括坚果(如walnuts),seeds (think嘉种子,hemp seeds, 和flaxseeds),fatty fish(如鲑鱼,金枪鱼,鲱鱼和沙丁鱼)和海鲜(生蚝特别是)。虽然用这些整个食物填充你的盘子可以导致健康益处的世界,但不是每个人都对这些成分具有相同的品味和耐受性。因此,获得ω-3S奖励的另一种方法是将鱼油补充剂添加到您的日常生中。Pianko博士说,这对那些没有足够的鱼类饮食的人有效。“所说,建议你每周吃至少两份脂肪鱼(如鲑鱼或金枪鱼),因为优选从食物而不是补充剂中获得我们的欧米茄3脂肪酸,”他解释说,注意到如果您咨询您的医生很重要do决定去补充路线。


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