While there are some home remedies you can try, your pain might warrant a trip to the dentist.

ByLauren Wellbank.

敏感的牙齿can be bothersome at best and downright excruciating at worst—but that doesn't mean that this ailment is one you need to accept as part of everyday life. When it comes to generalized dental sensitivity, there are several causes (and solutions!) for the aching pain. While some cases of tooth sensitivity will require medical intervention, many of them can be remedied at home with simply diet or口腔卫生变化。因此,如果在吃或喝酒时患有牙齿的刺痛或不适,请在叫牙医之前给这张读。

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Root Cause

Typically, dental sensitivity is caused by an inflammation of a tooth's nerve, due to external irritation. Normally, this isn't something you can see with the naked eye, even when you are experiencing pain. As for the最常见的原因? "Grinding, brushing too hard, cavities, and infection," notesGeoffrey R. Morris,DMD,MS,化妆品和恢复牙医。虽然如果捕获足够早,但其他问题可能需要牙科专业人士的帮助。


氟化物,用更柔软的刷毛交换你的牙刷,并使用夜伤是降低牙科敏感性的所有方式,都是莫里斯博士。“尽管如此,最好的建议是定期看到你的牙医主动防止敏感性“他说。因为一些问题可能需要类似的医疗干预措施,就像填充物或绑定一样 - 你可能希望在牙医的椅子上迅速而不是以后开始救济。

Diet Culprit

虽然牙齿敏感度可能是由珐琅侵蚀,腐烂,牙龈衰退的因素引起的,但由于刷牙过于艰难,或导致经济衰退的卫生问题,克雷格·普华德博士,DMDSmile Magic Family Dentistry,说你的饮食可能是责任也是如此。苏打水和其他高度酸性饮料,冰,甚至加热饮料,如咖啡和茶都可以引起疼痛。“酸性食物或饮料通常会导致最敏感的敏感性,”赛赛博士。


If your sensitivity doesn't immediately resolve after the stimuli is removed (such as an acidic food or cold drink), you may need to check in with a professional. "If it gets past sensitivity and your teeth are hurting you or keeping you up at night, it's bettergo to the dentist," Dr. Copeland says. Some individuals, for example, experience a general sensitivity in their teeth all of the time, even with corrective measures. "These teeth don't necessarily need root canals or more advanced procedures, but need something therapeutic to help," he continues. "For these patients, I recommend different toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth."


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