Remedy these pain points and your house will be off the market in no time, say our real estate experts.

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你的房子是坐落在市场上for weeks or you're just getting ready to list it, familiarize yourself with these five common reasons that buyers look elsewhere—and how to address them—from experts at苏富比的国际空地。它们可能是差异getting your home off the market(在您的询价!)或僵局。


艰难的房地产位置并不总是邻居的反映:如果您的房屋备份到消防局,请随时闹钟响起;坐在火车过夜的街区,在午夜的过夜表达吹口哨;直接在当地机场的航班计划中;或者面对一条感觉熙熙攘攘的街道,买家可能会犹豫。“令人惊讶的困境可以是街上的双黄线,”Liane Dobson说Kienlen Lattmann Sotheby的国际房地产在新泽西州。“一些买家不明白这并不总是等同于繁忙的街道和将不必要地排除一个家。“

If you can't change a less-desirable element of your location, says Nancy Tallman of峰会苏富比的国际空地在犹他州,与之合作:“我们试图将其变成积极,减轻它,或在定价中处理它。”她用景观来阻止商用牵引公司的观点,重新俯瞰着俯瞰着“晚间灯”的高速公路,并突出了狗主人的一楼公寓的夜间散步的简单。


Real estate experts famously recommend making your home as clean, sparse, and impersonal as possible to lure buyers.重新粉刷口音墙或粗体修剪in neutral colors, pack up your extensive assortment of travel souvenirs, and remove litter boxes, dog beds, and pets before your showings. "The buyers need to visualize themselves living in the home, and anything that is too taste-specific can be a turnoff," says Tallman. "This can include artwork, light fixtures, or furnishings that are too bold or stylized." Even smaller groups of sentimental items need to go, says Dobson. "A buyer wants to envision their style and belongings in the home—your grandmother's large Hummel collection may send a dated vibe."

一旦您清除了表面,请确保每个空间从壁橱的顶端到地板,是Spic-and-span。“一个肮脏的房子是一个huge turnoff to a buyer“Dobson说。”当他们看到延期的维护或房子才是不一致时,他们开始担心他们看不到的家中的东西。“


不要低估遏制诉求的力量: The way your home looks from the outside when potential buyers arrive for their showing can make or break a sale. "The first time the buyer drives up to the home, they begin passing judgment," says Dobson. "First impressions matter. Start at the beginning: The first thing the buyer sees when they drive up to the house is perhaps a fresh coat of paint on the front door, welcoming pots of flowers, bark mulch in the landscaping beds—these are simple fixes that go a long way."


Put as much effort into your home's online listing as you would into a dating profile or your LinkedIn bio by creating a thoughtful lineup of well-lit, properly-framed images that以最好的方式展示你的家。“一旦房屋准备就绪,下一个最重要的项目就是摄影,”塔克曼说。“优质的照片很重要,[和]照片的顺序非常重要:我们需要在前五张照片中捕获买方。”当另一个代理塔特曼在在线幻灯片的末尾放置了一个家庭钳口掉光的照片时,简单的重新订购了即时差异。“我怀疑任何人都经历了第一个47张照片来探索这个观点,”Tallman说。我们雇用了上面的策略,使第一张照片展开,房屋几乎立即销售而不改变名单。“

The price isn't right.

Multiple agents cited a home that's overpriced for its neighborhood—or its condition—as a primary reason that a house sits on the market. "After 35 years' experience in real estate, it's my belief the driving force of a quick sale is buyers' perception of value," says Joseph Barbieri ofSotheby's Greenwich Brokerage。"It boils down to price. Most sellers do not realize how valuable pricing is—it's the biggest issue. There are exceptions, but pricing is the most common denominator."

And while sellers may not want to lower their asking rate, it's the simplest way to make up for any other obstacles your home presents, from its location to its leaky basement. "There is really nothing that price can't overcome," says Dobson. "By analyzing feedback from showings, your agent should be able to assess how much the asking price needs to be adjusted so you can find the right buyers that see value even in a home with challenges."