Even beyond the holiday season, your local community is in need of you.

ByRoxanna Coldiron
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If there's one thing we learned in 2020, it's that we all need to help better serve our communities. One simple way to do just that is to支持小型本地企业. For nearly a year, restaurants, salons, retail stores, and other small establishments remained shuttered. Many of these businesses rely on regular shopping foot traffic, and the volume of shoppers dropped when企业被迫关闭as a means to control the spread of the virus. While you likely took part inSmall Business Saturday这是过去的假期,只有在许多天中购买这些零售商的商品。找到全年支持这些业务的方法很重要。


Shop online.

我们所有人都能做的第一件事就是identify the small businessesin our local community that we can support. Look for bodegas, vintage stores, clothing boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, book stores, toy stores, and more that could be in and around your neighborhood. Then, spreadyour search into other neighborhoodsthat have small businesses.

当我们进入大流行的另一波浪潮时,亲自访问可能是不可行的,而这是值得的check if the business has a virtual storefront在哪里可以在线购物他们的库存。这将有所帮助support the business in a financial way即使他们必须闭门。在线订购也是一年中随时购物的便捷方式。

Order takeout or delivery.

Restaurants and bakeries may have limited to no indoor dining at this time, but you cansupport these small food establishments通过订购外卖食品或交付。直接从他们的网站订购,而不是通过第三方网站,尽可能确保餐厅获得大部分资金。确保提示工人井.


你最喜欢的咖啡店或书店是否有一个social media presence?在社交媒体上关注他们,分享他们的帖子,并分享您对品牌的爱。这是一个很小的帮助 - 特别是如果你自己的资金紧张。甚至更好:告诉你的朋友你最喜欢的小企业。口中的话语是最好的方式之一小企业可以获得新的业务, so share what you like with your friends and family.


Large retailers don't lose as much money with coupons or steep discounts but a small business often has highercosts associated with their specialty goods和lose more money if their items are deeply reduced in price. If you reallylike an itemhave the moneyto pay full price, buy it now instead of waiting until it's on the discount rack.

Be kind.

This is a simple, every day to对小型企业表示赞赏. Kindness toward the associates will go a long way. Retail and service workers often have to deal with unkind people on a daily basis, and the least that all of us can do is to be reasonable and kind toward others.


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