Want to make streamlined, better-for-you meals? We're sharing simple protein preparations and great vegetable and grain sides to round out any dish.

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December 23, 2020
Credit: Kate Sears

一种healthy and satisfying dinner可以像配对蛋白质一样容易,用美味,美味的蔬菜或丰满的粒侧面。这种风格烹饪的关键是让good-for-you sides将味道和透视为料,并将蛋白质视为加入。随着烹饪任何蛋白质的简单方法,可以将一个优秀的配菜转化为鸡肉,鲑鱼,牛排或植物蛋白晚餐。阅读我们的进入瘦蛋白质食谱和提示,用于将它们配对,用美味的蔬菜和整个谷物侧面配对,包括食谱思想,将带您完成1月份健康超越。



When you're opting for white meat, know that chicken breast and pork tenderloin cook fast in the oven with minimal fussing. Make sure to get your timing down to keep leaner cuts moist and tender—you don't want to overcook them. Our foolproof烤鸡胸肉and烤猪脊肉are two great go-to recipes. Seafood is one of the fastest cooking proteins, and there's no reason to be intimidated by the idea of cooking it, especially when armed with great recipes. Try baking fish in the oven with our姜烤三文鱼烤鳕鱼用橄榄, 要么Fish en Papillote。Not in the mood to turn on the oven? Seafood also cooks fast on the stovetop—trySautéed Shrimpor anEasy Skillet Poached Salmon。对于红肉,像侧翼牛排一样轻松削减。这个大豆腌腿牛排is packed with flavor yet versatile enough to go with a variety of sides.

不要忘记基于植物的蛋白质来源。拥抱多功能豆类和豆类cooking them from dry或打开一个可以和酥脆或炒他们。尝试这个温暖的扁豆沙拉那which also has another quick protein source an egg, make it optional if eggs aren't part of your plant-based diet.

Vegetable and Grain Sides

一旦你有一个熟食蛋白质,探索healthy sides这带来了味道的饭。我们建议选择包装一拳,并有美味的酱汁和浇头,以获得额外的味道。您可以通过增加釉料,浇头或敷料的数量来使您的食谱或整个菜肴的味道造成,因此您有足够的蛋白质,这也是一种简单的方式,可以将整个膳食联系在一起。开始用美味的食谱开始Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoesand味噌豆瓣绿豆。打开烤箱,为不可抗拒的烤蔬菜侧面,如烤的布鲁塞尔豆芽与蜂蜜chipotle釉and烤西兰花与种子和羊皮。一种nd don't overlook the power of a vibrant salad, even in the winter. Our金色甜菜与柑橘和薄荷orJulienned-Carrot和Kale沙拉是两个保证的赢家。

Consider completing a healthy meal with energy sustaining whole grains. One easy way to do that is to choose a side that has grains in it such asRice Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Fetaand奎奴亚藜沙拉配西葫芦薄荷&开心果。或者,将它们混合成您已经喜欢的蔬菜侧,或者只是在侧面上使用。看看我们的将健康的全谷物转化为晚餐的指南有关更多的灵感和预先制作粮食提示。