From starting an emergency fund to making new investments, this financial planner shares advice.

ByRoxanna Coldiron

One of the things that我们在2020年了解到了is that circumstances can change at a moment's notice and that some things are outside of our control. Many of us were laid off from our jobs or evenlost a business甚至那些幸运的人才能保持工作觉得受到造成财务造成的伤害的扰乱。除了捕获患有疾病Covid-19的新冠状病毒的风险外,这一切都是除了捕获疾病的风险之外。我们与Lauren Wybar,CFP,高级财务顾问交谈Vanguard个人顾问服务要收集一些实用的建议,我们可以在经济上提高我们的当前立场,因为我们进入2021。

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对于许多人无法立即开始储蓄的人来说,我们可以在不久的将来使以下移动更好地定位自己。Wybar建议reviewing your budgetas the first move. "If you don't have one already in place, create one. Start by developing an itemized list of all of your expenses," she says. "I recommend bucketing expenses into categories, such as housing and entertainment, to确保您了解您的资金将在哪里。Determine if these expenses are necessary or discretionary. Consider reducing or eliminating discretionary expensesuntil you return to work。“

Reassess all monthly payments.

下一个, you'll want to分析您的每月付款并看看您可以推迟或减少哪些(之后talking to your creditors)。“许多银行和金融机构引入了政策,以缓解那些无法满足其付款义务的人的负担。可以提供灵活的付款方式,包括延期付款和缩减费用,尽管请记住,如果您是推迟付款,“Wybar解释道。

Consider new investments.

Finally,develop a game plan for如何涵盖紧急费用。根据Wybar,您可以在此时的情况下退出您的投资或罗斯IRA,而且the CARES Act取自401(k)更容易。然而,她注意到:“一旦其他财政资源已经耗尽,我只建议考虑点击401(k)计划,因为对退休储蓄的长期影响可能是重大的。”

Start an emergency fund.

你还是想查看您的预算和费用。Start an emergency fund if you are able to put aside some money. "An emergency fund is always an important component of a financial plan, but given the uncertainty around the pandemic, it has never been more important to ensure you have emergency reserves to withstand a potential financial blow. To begin, it's important toidentify the financial shocks that could arise不,所有紧急情况都是相似的,“她解释道。您希望确定您的紧急基金需求的合适账户,如常规储蓄账户,用于意外费用或应税经纪账户或Roth IRA突然失业或其他收入冲击。


This means that you will want some savings in easily accessible accounts while others will go into long-term accounts. "Assess your risk tolerance, review your goals, andevaluate your portfolio's asset allocationto ensure they are all aligned. This year's market volatility can provide a good barometer for the amount of risk you're willing to take," Wybar says. "If you're comfortable with how your portfolio responded tothis year's market volatility密切关注您的资产分配如何与您的目标进行比较。如果您当前的投资组合和目标之间存在五个百分点或更多的差异,则重新平衡。在春季衰退期间,这可能意味着销售固定收入和购买股票。现在,随着市场达到新的高位,您可能需要做相反的事情。“


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