Serene, but uplifting hues will dominate, they say.

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如果2020年教过我们任何事情,那就是这么重要our homes are to us。“The world feels crazier than ever right now with the pandemic and a financial recession, and I believe people are craving a sense of calm, comfort, and positivity in their homes," says Nicole Gibbons, the founder of克莱尔。“Customers are gravitating towardlighter paint colors overall我认为这将继续进入新的一年。“

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在2021年期待这些通风的一个期望的地方,令人眼花缭乱的色调?我们的卧室。“我们的卧室是房子里最个人的房间之一,墙壁颜色会对空间的感觉产生巨大影响,”Ashley Banbury,高级彩色设计师Pratt & Lambert Paints解释说。“无论是一个干净,清爽的白色,它会给你一个新的一天或一个黑暗的阴影,让你最终放松和放松,重要的是选择一种让你在卧室里最好的颜色。”好奇卧室涂料颜色将在2021年的所有愤怒中都是愤怒?我们询问了一些油漆彩色专家分享他们的预测。


对于舒适的卧室色调,从天空的颜色汲取,看起来不比pretty shade of blue。“卧室旨在放松和充电,所以我推荐宁静的蓝色Summer Friday," Gibbons says. If you're searching for a bolder shade of blue that doesn't read dark, Patrick O'Donnell, International Brand Ambassador at屁股和球, recommends沥青蓝色。“It's a clean blue that can anchor the space while evoking a soothing effect," he explains. "The morning sunlight will create a lively bright environment, and at night it will become much richer and create a more luxurious feel."


如果您认为黄色油漆对于卧室来说太亮了,Andrea Magno是色彩营销和发展总监Benjamin Moore说,重新考虑。“卧室颜色让您在空间中表达颜色个性,并且阳光晒太阳,如Beacon Hill Damask HC-2,是卧室的舒适选择,“她解释道。无论是在natural morning light或者在晚上的人造光线,它将房间变成了一个避难所。“

Creamy Beige

Warm and versatile, Banbury says beige wall paint is a stylish way to make a bedroomfeel more ambient。“434B Sandrock是一个温暖的中性,是热情和舒适的,“她解释道。”与黑色口音配对,使颜色感觉更新和现代。“对于米色的阴影,有一点oomph,苏·瓦德登,颜色营销总监Sherwin-Williams, recommendsBona Fide Beige SW 6065。“只需一丝粉红色,这是米色带入了一个新的时代,”她说。“这是一个温暖的,平静的中性,几乎任何装饰,都是美好的一天增白剂。”

Earthy Green

用于地球定位的色调with a pop of personalityO'Donnell建议在新的一年里涂上烟雾缭绕的蓝色绿色卧室。“一个蓝绿色,喜欢绿色烟雾, reinforces our connection with nature," he explains. "It can also make a bedroom feel lighter and more airy, while also providing a feeling of calmness." If you can't commit to a deeper shade of green, Gibbons recommends a gray with green undertones. "Chillis very light and serene, but still offers a slight hint of green," she says.


永恒的和复杂的,你总是可以计算on good shade of gray-beige paint to elevate your bedroom in 2021. "Sales of在点上,平静,安静的灰色米色阴影,今年增加了近80%,为卧室做出了很大的选择,“吉布斯解释道。”它是柔软的,通风,极其多功能 - 灰色和米色的完美组合并唤起舒适和满足的感受。“对于一个声明墙壁颜色从这个主食的灰色和棕色色调中汲取,瓦登建议尝试深褐色的深灰色,像Urbane Bronze SW 7048。“Being rooted in nature, Urbane Bronze conveys the sense of security and comfort we feel when surrounded by nature for the ultimate at-home sanctuary," she says.


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