Plus, find out how often you should really be giving your furniture a good clean.

ByLauren Wellbank.

Your family is probably spending more time than ever依偎在沙发上, which means that it may need a little more TLC than normal these days. Keeping your sofa, which is often the epicenter of your living room,最好的看它最好是一个重要的家庭苦差。更重要的是,它实际上是一个相当简单的过程。为了让您的家庭房间最受欢迎的一部分,看起来像新的一切,同时保持完全破旧的感觉三个专家解释了,何时是时候让您的沙发彻底清洁以及所做的最佳方式。

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How Often You Should Clean Your Couch?

Lift up a couch cushion and you'll be stunned by how many crumbs, clumps of pet hair, and remnants of dirt are underneath it, says Leanne Stapf, COO of清洁权威。"These [things] are also scattered along the exterior of your cushions, so to keep your couches clean, vacuum bi-weekly and rotate your cushions." If you stay on top of this regular maintenance cleaning, Stapf says you should only need to do a deep clean about once a year.

How Can You Tell If Your Couch Needs Extra Care?

Cindee Black,联合创始人兼首席执行官黑色和浆果生活据说你能够通过触摸来讲述视觉上的,而且在清洁你的沙发的时候,特别是在发生意外或泄漏时,尤其是在速度。“如果你看到污渍找到良好的污渍清洁剂和两个吸水毛巾,”她说。“如果你发现污渍[它]仍然湿透,那么尽可能多地擦伤proceed with a pre-tested stain cleaner。" You should always test your stain remover on a portion of the couch that isn't easily viewable, in case it damages沙发的室内装潢。Black suggests using an unseen portion of the back or underside of your couch for testing. "After generously spraying the visible stain, blot with the second clean towel and repeat until the stain is gone."

Understanding Your Couch's Care Instructions

Of course, you don't want to risk ruining your couch when you're cleaning it, so it's important to了解什么护理说明在你的室内装潢标签上实际上是意思。STAPF分解了一些普通的室内装潢名称:“W”代码意味着室内装潢只能用基于水的清洁剂清洁。具有此代码的一系列沙发通常是最耐用,最简单的清洁。“S”代码仅用于干燥清洁溶剂,不会良好地对水进行反应。如果您需要发现污渍的污染物,只有可用的产品干净,但STAPF建议将其专业清洁。和您可能猜到的“S / W”允许使用水基清洁剂和干洗溶剂。

Know When to Call in the Professionals

Couches are expensive, and sometimes they need (and deserve) more care and attention than you can give them at home. When this happens,you need to call in the pros。"Hiring an IICRC [Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification] Certified Professional company that can safely and thoroughly clean your furniture is another way to ensure your investment stays looking its best," according to Gentian Mazreku, owner ofG的地毯清洁。“专业的清洁公司将检查,预处理,清洗,并表现正确清洁沙发所需的所有必要护理。”Mazreku,其公司处理室内装潢清洁,补充说,取决于织物和饰面,某些清洁方法需要安全地清洁,而不会破坏或改变您的沙发的面料外观,只有专业人士都可以访问。


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