Leading dermatologists share their tips for getting this inflammatory skin condition under control during the driest, coldest months of the year.

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December 30, 2020

When你患有rosacea,它可以觉得从季节从季节的永无止境的战斗。夏天因夏季而刺激性日晒, but winter is also problematic: Temperature fluctuations, bitter cold, winter winds, and dry heat all strip your cheeks of moisture, whichweakens the skin's barrier function。未来,我们与主要皮肤科医生发表讲述,究竟为什么为什么Rosacea恶化冬天 - 以及如何平静烧伤。

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Fast Facts

"We are not surewhat causes rosacea, but in patients with [the condition], living microorganisms on the skin are recognized as foreign by the body's immune system. The immune system springs into action to counter this potential threat resulting in the inflammation, redness, or bumps," explains恩格尔曼博士, a board-certified dermatologist at Shafer Clinic.


Cold and wind cause the blood vessels in the skin to constrict, notesDr. Jennifer L. MacGregor, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology. "This happens to preserve heat in the core of the body, but when you get out of the cold, there is a rebound dilation, flush, and burn—which can be very intense in people with rosacea," she adds.


Rosacea sufferers should "lower theirindoor heating systems,因为高温会导致他们已经刺激,干燥的皮肤恶化,“解释说Dr. Marie Hayag, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of 5th Avenue Aesthetics. Reducing the number on your home's thermostat will keep your skin from experiencing increased redness, acne-like bumps, and thickening, she adds.


相同的逻辑适用于你的淋浴水温:长时间,热漂洗进一步加剧皮肤“导致血管扩张,使水分从皮肤蒸发,使干燥,以及瘙痒,”股票Dr. Jeannette Graf,董事会认证的皮肤科医生和Mt皮肤科的助理临床教授。西奈医学院。相反,尝试一个温沃尔沃尔阵雨,这将鼓励健康的皮肤功能,而不是将其剥离其保护性脂质层,这有助于保持水分和细菌。


你的阳光暴露在冬天减少 - 你不在海滩上,这是 - 但这并不意味着人们有罗萨卡(或任何人,对于这事物)可以跳过防晒霜。“用矿物质SPF保护皮肤,”博士购物博士。“它提供更好的防晒,不太刺激,可以应用于其他活跃的局部药物和化妆品。”


刮擦织物like wool,笨重的毛衣和厚重的夹克可以捕获热量,刺激皮肤,并引起马萨诸塞州的爆发,所以在冬天避免刺激,最好穿着柔软透气的棉花,“羊绒,丝绸或罚款,柔软的羊毛,“达琳·Zembrod说,一个Eco Bella.andAvegan美专家和护理人员美学家。

Humidifiers to the Rescue

放置a humidifier在卧室里可以帮助缓解马西亚症状的长度和严重程度。“加湿器有助于将水分添加到空气中,然后可以通过真皮渗透并缓解与蔷薇痤疮相关的干燥皮肤,”哈格拉格博士,他指出这些机器值得尝试,如果您正在经历紧张,干燥,发炎的皮肤当你醒来。