Our experts share everything you need to know about keeping your breakouts under control this winter.


当倾向于你的皮肤时, there are a few essentials that are probably already in your routine (likesunscreen, moisturizers, and more). But when winter rolls around, there are some extra precautions to take to ensure your skin stays healthy—especially if you regularly deal with breakouts at this point in the year. To understand the ins and outs of cold-weather acne, read on; we tapped experts in the skin care industry and asked them to share everything you need to know about治疗痤疮during the chilly season.

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Note that the cold air will make your skin drier.

Whileacne can pop upduring any season or age, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brooke Jackson, MD, FAAD, founder ofSkin Wellness Dermatology,冬季对突破性的挑战构成了独特的挑战:寒冷的天气特别需要您使用较重的保湿剂和护肤品。“这可以是一个challenge for acne patients除了在寒冷的天气之外,他们除了从寒冷的天气外,他们还会导行痤疮药物的干燥和刺激。“board-certified dermatologistcan help you select treatment options that best suit your skin type."

Dr. Tina Alster, MD, the creator and cofounder ofThe A Method Skincare, adds that excess oil is often a symptom of cold-driven dryness: The drier your skin gets, the more oil it produces to compensate. "The naturaldefense of the skinis to respond by producing more sebum," Dr. Alster says. "The sebum, when produced in normal amounts, is great for naturally hydrating our skin. But when sebum production is in overdrive, the extra sebum becomes trapped in the pores which, in turn, cancause acne breakouts。“


If you do, in fact, have自然干燥,暗疮皮肤,阿尔斯特博士注意到你应该使用a gentle cleanserto help keep your skin fresh without ridding it of any natural moisturizers. Her suggestion? The A Method's Cleanse Gentle Wash($42,amazon.com)。您还应该使用具有特定成分的保湿剂,她补充说:“选择含有益生菌的保湿剂,如方法的h2生物血液益生菌保湿霜(90美元,amazon.com)。益生菌可以帮助恢复皮肤的自然障碍给您可能需要的额外保护。“

杰克逊博士补充说,防晒霜应该始终是您冬季护肤常规的主干。另外,保持你的day-to-day routinein mind. "Consider your activities. Runners (outdoor athletes) and swimmers often need products with a heavier texture, as opposed to indoor athletes," she says. "Consider your overall health.湿疹患者and seasonal allergies or who may be on diuretic medication tend to have more sensitive skin." In addition to using gentle cleansers and a moisturizer, Dr. Jackson says you should keep astringents out of your skin care essentials.

Examine your diet.

To have healthy and在冬季的滋润皮肤,上来每天摄入水。即使您在今年寒冷的月份往往不会熟悉冰冷的饮料,杰克逊博士建议在盎司水中饮用一半的身体重量。“茶 - 特别是绿茶 - 是减少炎症的另一个好选择,”Alster博士补充说。“在水果中发现的天然抗氧化剂—such as blueberries and cranberries—will also help protect skin from the harsh winter weather temperatures and wind." Orange vegetables high in carotenoids will add even more protection from the sun's UV rays, which is a year-round concern.


随着世界的继续grapple with the novel coronavirus, keeping a mask on and your hands clean when you're out and about is still critical. As for how these necessities impact how you battle facial breakouts? It's simple—Dr. Jackson advises to start by washing your hands with a gentle cleanser, like the Dove Beauty Caring Hand Wash($9.74,amazon.com),或使用手动消毒剂 - 如方法柑橘手清理程序($7,amazon.com) -before applying any facial products. From here, she notesto treat your facemask like your undergarments and change it on a daily basis. Plus, give your skin time to breath and limit your makeup use whenever possible.

Otherwise, simplybe patient with yourself—whether it be taking social media breaks, meditating, engaging with a therapist, taking a walk,humidifying your home, and more—as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. "对自己温柔,并调整你的期望“杰克逊博士说。”这不是正常情况,每个人都受到某种方式影响。我们的皮肤是我们最大的免疫器官,因此将展示压力的影响(从家庭,从家里工作,从您的日常工作,家庭教育和慢性面具穿过)。“如果您今年冬天在面具下挣扎,Alster博士建议使用方法的Maskne套件(105美元,theamethodskincare.com)to help keep acne at bay if you have normal to oily skin.