These services send fruits and vegetables right from the farm.

ByBridget Shirvell
October 29, 2020

感恩is comingand it's going to be different this year. Whether you're planning on spending it watching movies in your PJs, dressed fancy from the waist up for a Zoom meal with family, or at a small,在你的后院社交距离聚会, you're going to need food. Now's the time to plan where you're getting the apples and pumpkins for那些馅饼的绿叶蔬菜the salad和所有其他固定。


Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, farmers are continuing to feed their communities. Check-in with当地农民并亲自连接农贸市场。Find out what they're expecting to have for Thanksgiving, what you can预购, and how you can pick it up or have it delivered. Here's how to have the rest of your Thanksgiving fruits and vegetables shipped straight to your door.


Not sure where the closest farm to you is or what they have available? Check outHarvie。这个在线平台将全国各地的家庭与当地农民联系起来。在您的网站上搜索您的地区,如果您提供或需要从特定位置接受新客户,您可以找到当地农场列表,他们可用,如果您需要从特定位置接受。Harvie作为一个在线CSA,您可以在那里注册蔬菜和水果的份额,并购买农场可能拥有的牛奶和牛奶等附加组件酸奶。在淡季期间,许多农场还提供从在线农场的点菜购买。


Shipping to the Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, and Western South Central region,不完美的食物提供ugly fruits and vegetables和杂货店,如小吃,牛奶,甚至海鲜。你无法得到所有的holiday meal来自不完美食物的成分,但你会非常接近。


This fruit and vegetable delivery service is one of the only ones we know about that is owned by farmers. Currently, serving 27 states on the East Coast,值得的风味每周,每月,每月,每月或一次性购买三个不同大小的水果和蔬菜。他们有一些最新鲜的产品,您会发现:在运送两天的运费之前,水果和蔬菜每天都收获。


你已经爱了不足市场对于它的丑陋的水果和蔬菜,但您知道送货服务是否为感恩节的附加服务包括甜食,如甜土豆pecans, 和更多?附加组件是常规订阅之外,每周一次或每两个来一次。盒子从22美元开始,交货到32个州,主要在东海岸。


If you live in the New York City metro area, you've likely heard of我们的收获。Part farmers' market, part CSA, part supermarket, OurHarvest offers seasonal selections of thousands of items from farms within the TriState area and pantry items. It's one-stop shopping for everything from your turkey to produce and甚至香料


类似于我们的,从那时起connects customers in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas to local farmers and artisan food producers. You can buy dairy items including cheese for thatultimate cheese board, eggs, milk and butter, bread, and sign up to get various sized boxes of fruits and vegetables delivered weekly, every other week, or once a month. They also have a holiday section where you can order pies, turkey, and even Thanksgiving sides to help you get most of the holiday prep done in advance.