Because a whole turkey is just too big when you're celebrating in a bubble.

ByJennifer Anderson
Credit: David M. Russell

Large gatherings and史诗晚餐are on hold right now, so you will probably find yourself preparing假日餐今年较小的人群。今年的庆祝活动会有所不同,但他们仍然可以觉得节日。我们在这里帮助你重新思考你的菜单规划所以你可以创造一个令人难忘的庆祝活动,这只是正确的尺寸。


通常的巨型土耳其可能会产生一些太多leftovers今年。但你仍然可以用较小的规模填充房子的烤土耳其无与伦比的香气。火鸡乳房怎么样?如果你想去传统的路线,试试超级简单的盐和橄榄油制剂烤箱烤火鸡乳房。或者,香料件事有点智利柑橘火鸡乳房coated in a sauce of toasty dried chiles, garlic, and orange juice. If you prefer a stuffed turkey, we've got you covered, too! Choose from毛绒土耳其乳房用香肠和酸樱桃面包馅或填充或毛绒土耳其乳房用杏果酱拥有填充新鲜的草药,意大利香肠和柠檬般的热情,闪闪发光,釉面釉。

Give Other Poultry a Chance to Soar

If you're not entirely committed to turkey, now's your chance to try out some extra special recipes for康沃尔母鸡,duck, orgoose。You can even gussy up a classic chicken to make it holiday-worthy; preparations like烤鸡胸脯用葡萄馅,核桃鸡肉牛排,和石榴烤鸡会做诀窍。

火腿度假下载188iOS APP

如果你是一个ham家庭,无论您的派对规模,您仍然可以使用您的去谱配方。较小的人群意味着你只需要获得一个较小的火腿。太容易了!或者根本不缩减,并使这一年你终于得到了剩下的填补。我们可以保证ham casserole,ham calzones,火腿和奶酪三明治,和火腿和蛋绉纱也是。

Still looking for a recipe tailored for a smaller cut? Try our火腿用欧芹 - 芥末酱


There's nothing conventional about the holiday season this year, so feel free to break with tradition and try something completely new for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.Mini Beef Wellingtonsoffer all the rich elegance of the classic recipe but are so much easier to execute on a single-serving scale. Or you might want to romp over to Italy for your inspiration with our simplified take on porchetta in the form of烤猪肉腰部与辣味茸和贤哲。Buttery beef tenderloin will always feel special, especially when it lands on the table cloaked in a savory golden coating, as in the韭菜底部的牛脊肉

If you're feeling extra unorthodox this year, take a crack at a rich and rustic winter dish like白豆和香肠炖煮的香肠在南瓜碗,带有短肋骨ragu的pici, or压力灶具托马尔斯。Whatever you make for your holiday dinners this year, you can be sure it'll be memorable, and you may just start some new traditions!


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