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Classic Sloppy Joes

Recipe photo courtesy of Clive Streeter

Soft sandwich buns work best with this classic kid-friendly recipe -- as do chips and pickles.The beef mixture can also be served over pasta.

Source: Everyday Food,November 2003
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How would you rate this recipe?
  • lmlewis11212
    30 DEC,2017
    I didn't use ketchup because it makes it too acidy like Manwich (I don't like).I added tbs brown sugar and followed the rest of the recipe.It was just right!
  • Julie000
    5 FEB,2014
    Great Sloppy Joes.Not too spicy,and even my picky four year old who doesn't eat anything "funny" tried these and liked them!I'm so excited that we have a new dish in our lineup.I did make just a couple changes because I was afraid there would be too many veggies visible,or that it would be too flavorful for my picky I added only 1/2 of an onion,1/3 of the bell pepper,and 1 garlic clove.Granted,this recipe is a little more bland than Manwich,but only a little,and just tastier
  • buque01
    6 MAY,2013
    I use half spaghetti sauce and half ketchup.With either ground beef or Boca crumbles.Sometimes I put it on a pizza with grated cheese.No complaints.
  • jjjggg
    11 APR,2013
    I personally felt this was incredibly bland.I guess it would be a good meal for picky kids,but for adults that like some flavor I would not recommend this recipe.I added a bunch of chili powder and some leftover taco seasoning,so it turned out to be pretty good,but without that it tasted like straight tomato sauce.
  • AnneWol
    11 JAN,2013
    You didn't say to drain the fat and I know many people who like grease,but not in this house,it really has to go!
  • Barbkk
    17 FEB,2011
    I made this on a cold winter night and it "hit the spot".The recipe is easy and delicious.I added a half capful of vinegar to mine to give it a little bite.
  • annadanielle
    17 OCT,2010
    I think the recipe is plenty sweet as is...I added some diced jalapeno to amp up the flavor,and it turned out delicious!
  • CharlieMil
    5 OCT,2010
    I think this recipe is great.If you want a little more sweetness,just add brown sugar to your desired taste.I tried Rachel Ray's recipe and think this one is far better.
  • Scarls17
    17 AUG,2010
    Yum!So good.Definitely give it time to thicken,but they have a great taste.
  • Scarls17
    17 AUG,2010
    Yum!So good.Definitely give it time to thicken,but they have a great taste.

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