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ByJillian Kramer
October 28, 2019

When it comesto the furnitureyou put in your house, you want it to create a certain flow through your space. As Ashley Bowen, lead editorial stylist forZulily., describes it, your furniture should enable "visual and physical movement within a space, and fromone room to the next。它应该感到流畅,容易物理移动进出。“

但流量不仅仅是给你 - 和your guests博恩说,博登说。“良好的流量也将具有视觉元素把它们整合在一起," she explains, and adds that it might include elements such as matching materials andcolors,并重复形状。如果你愿意create better flow,在物理上和视觉上,在您的空间内,这是您可以做的。

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According to艾米莉亨德森,室内设计师和目标home style expert, too many pieces of furniture in a room or space can cause the layout to feel tight. "For example, if you enter a room and immediately walk into the back of an arm chair, it's going to make the space feel closed off and have a bad flow," she says. According to Henderson, the first steptoward a good flow是“确保你在家里的每件家具都有足够的空间来呼吸。”

Bowen agrees, adding that furniture should never get in the way of natural pathways. "The best flow in and out of a room is as short and straight as possible," she says. "Avoid creating too many turns or that will make it difficult to pass through or access the room's function." To make sure you're honoring that natural pathway, Henderson says that—在你的起居室例如,您应该能够在沙发和咖啡桌之间行走,以及沙发和口腔椅。“你的空间会感觉更轻if you follow this rule,” she promises.

Create a smart layout.

在亨德森围绕着什么,很容易设计家园打电话给有趣的零件—picking out the furniture and décor, for example—and not a smart layout. And that's a mistake, she says. To make your layout function better, Bowen suggests first thinking about how you'll use the space, then centering your furniture around that activity. "For example, in a多媒体室,您希望最大限度地提高可用于最佳观看电视的座位数量,“她说。”让您的主要沙发平行于电视,如果有空间,每端都有一些椅子。加入一张咖啡桌和结束表如果您有空间最大化曲面区域,并创建可用于饮料和零食的空间。“


Henderson说,用家具创造视觉流动的简单方法是改变其重量和风格。“例如,如果你有一个大型的笨重的沙发,用一张精致的咖啡桌平衡它,”她说。“通过混合a variety of styles and weights, your room will feel balanced instead of 'too light' or 'too heavy,' and will almost always guarantee good flow." Bowen adds that repetitive colors and shapes can also tie the look of your space together, which creates a "flow" for the eye to follow. Consider adding pops of the same hue throughout your space, or pairing something like a curved sofa with round accent pillows.


Sometimes, flow simply comesdown to functionality鲍文说。“在一间卧室里,最好专注于最大化的舒适和功能,”她说。“确保您有足够的空间来滚出床,并且在漫长的一天之后轻松访问。”当涉及到哪里your dresser,给它“足够的空间,完全拉出抽屉,避免痛苦的中夜脚趾存根,较清楚,宽阔的途径,”鲍文说。

Your dining roomis another space where flow equals functionality. "Don't forget you'll be carrying food and dishes in and out of this space, so functional design is key," Bowen says. Here, she suggests placing the table and chairs in the center of the room—with each piece of furniture "sized to give plenty of space to get in and out of each seat," she says.


I have noticed over time that the most successful furniture arrangements always include a light source and a place for one’s book/drink/glasses etc. right next to a comfortable arm chair. This is a matter of your own comfort and courtesy for your guest. The place to put your teacup or martini glass should not be the floor!
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