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ByNancy Mattia
March 20, 2019
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If you take care of them,多年生将在年后回来。这些草本植物,就像peonies和黄花菜,在秋天死亡并在春天回来。虽然最重要的是每年最后一季,多年生植物只绽放了一小段时间,但在曾对一年的展会期间他们看起来很棒。在开始计划和种植之前,这里有一些基本的事情。




The best perennialsare those that are known to thrive in your particular area's growing conditions. Some like yarrow do well with eight hours or more of daily sun exposure, while others such as hosta crave partialshade。还要考虑颜色,纹理,维护水平,如果您在后院有野生动物,植物是否是鹿,兔子或抗鼠。

Figure out the best time to plant.

Most perennials can and should be planted in the spring, as this allows ample time for root establishment, says Adam Dooling, the Curator of Outdoor Garden and Herbaceous Collections atthe New York Botanical Gardenin Bronx, New York. "A decent rule of thumb is to plant summer-blooming and秋季盛开的多年生植物在春天,醒来后很快,一旦冷冻土壤的危险已经过去了。“成反比,你应该植物春天开花summer-blooming perennials in the fall, allowing enough time for the plants to establish themselves before winter. "Your optimal planting season can either be extended or reduced depending on your climate or conditions that year."

Prepare the soil.



"Water the plant before planting, as dry roots can be brittle and become damaged," says Dooling. Dig a hole larger than the pot you are planting, which allows for better root development. "Once you have dug your hole, backfill the hole slightly so that the plant is set at roughly the same depth as it was in the pot, with the crown just at the surface of the soil." If buried too deep, you risk rotting the crown (the point where the stems and leaves meet the roots).

水them well, then not so much.


Taking care of perennials.

Once they're established, don'tfertilize plants直到它们高到4英寸高。在它们变得太高之前将植物包裹在赌注周围。Deadhead Flowers(通过捏或剪掉旧花朵,从花的基地上捏住或剪掉茎)来整理花园并鼓励其他绽放成长。


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