Every June, Martha's sun-drenched strawberry patch explodes with fruit.

Updated April 07, 2021
martha picking early summer strawberries
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

每6月都在观看我的两个年轻孙子,裘德和杜鲁门,搜索明亮绿色植物的行in my garden找到甜蜜的红色草莓隐藏在叶子中。他们的尖叫声 - 以及随后的沉默,因为他们吞噬了他们所发现的东西 - 值得每一点努力进入tending a sizable patch.

But there are many other reasons to grow this seasonal delicacy at home. You can choose your favorite varieties, from tiny, flavor-packed alpines to large, juicy经典. You can extend the season by planting early, midseason, and late-bearing cultivars. And most importantly, you can cultivate them organically. Strawberries top the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list of conventional produce containing the most杀虫剂.

martha stewart picking strawberries
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

我在大约20英寸分开的凸起行中长大,用稻草覆盖,所以水果可以在一个漂亮的干净的床上成熟。我也受精和每年添加堆肥, to maintain a healthy and bountiful harvest. To keep production up, every two years or so I refresh the beds by adding sucker plants I've propagated, or newly purchased seedlings.

Credit: Marcus Nilsson

我植入了几十个草莓品种,包括'Mara des Bois','Seascape'和'Quinault'。当他们拔出时,他们停止成熟,所以我等到他们完全是红色来做。虽然我的孙子和我喜欢从茎上脱离浆果, there are always plenty more to turn into delicious summer desserts, such as these favorites.

strawberry ice cream
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Strawberry Ice Cream


Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Strawberry Napoleons

Layers of buttery puff pastry, sweet strawberries, and tangy, vanilla-flecked whipped cream come together in这令人印象深刻的夏天甜点that's greater than the sum of its parts.

strawberry gelee with rose granita
Credit: Marcus Nilsson


草莓在每个部件中发挥着作用this dessert: A purée flavors the light gelée and icy rosé granita, and sliced fruit is suspended in the gelée as well as scattered over the top.


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