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Individual Chicken Potpies

Recipe photo courtesy of Linda Pugliese

Homemade comfort food prepared with love,like these classic chicken potpies,can inspire as much romance as any four-star restaurant meal on Valentine's Day.Want to feed the whole family?Just double the recipe.

Source: 188APPMartha Stewart Living,January/February 2014
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  • MS11402627
    5 MAY,2014
    Absolutely delicious.We usually make another MSL chicken potpie recipe and thought that it was good,but this is our new favorite.The collated greens add lovely color and nutrition but are very mild.I splurged and bought the really expensive puff pastry and that put these over the top.We doubled the recipe and used 2 small pie dishes,worked out great.Can't wait to enjoy the leftovers tonight.
    • junebrad592383554
      6 MAY,2018
      I wouldn't buy meat from Walmart.I would rather turn vegeterian
    • hantayo50
      3 DEC,2017
      IHavent made this yet but I will soon Sounds delocios It will be added to my make ahead meals in a minute.Good for that long day at work and no time or energy to cook tonight.Thank you so much for the idea,Thank you so much,Martha for yet another great idea.
  • MS10420102
    29 DEC,2015
    Made this using leftover turkey.Left out the collards (only 'cause I didn't have any in the frig).Used frozen peas.Yummy!

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