About DoGuate & Guatemala

Let us know what we can do for you to make your trip a lifetime experience.

DoGuate Travel & Adventures is a full service tour company located in Antigua Guatemala. We are true Guatemalans who are engaged in sharing with the rest of the world the magnificent culture, the unique history and the marvelous nature of this country. We cater to all individuals and groups that want to experience the beauty of Guatemala providing safe and affordable tour packages to some of the most breathtaking places that the country has to offer. Our private guided tours will take you where you want to go and when you want to go. All packages can be altered in any way to specially provide you with the detailed experience you are looking for. We will work for you to find a way to make your trip as perfect as possible on any budget.

Social and cultural responsibility.

DoGuate Travel & Adventures analyzes and considers the social and cultural background of the sites and areas of influence in which it operates, so that these can result in a benefit to the local people. The cultural environment is the most charismatic part of our product and therefore, contribute to its conservation is a mode to preserve our way of life.

Financial Sustainability.

We also ensure that all our operations generate true revenues and profits for the communities involved. It is also our commitment to pay fair prices to all our suppliers.